Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Greetings.

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.
The above photographs are of last night’s New Year’s Eve Party. This is the 30th New Year’s Eve Party at our house “Srilekha”, without a break, starting from the year 1981. As I wrote in my blog earlier, my niece Usha Rani is blessed with a son just one and a half month back. And my sister, Hemalatha and my niece are busy taking care of the baby. My son; Srinath, my nephew; Uday Bhaskar and daughter-in-law; Hina, who are abroad are unable to attend the New Year’s Eve Parties since a couple of years. However they are taking part in the party for some time remotely, thanks to Internet and Skype. Our eldest daughter-in-law, Lavanya is also away, visiting her parents, and our granddaughter Sudhiksha is with her. So it was decided, that without my sister and her family being able to attend the Party we should restrict the celebrations to ourselves, this year. It is for this reason we did not invite even other regular family members to the Party. Though we had a good time last evening we missed all the family members who were a part of our New Year Celebrations in the last 29 years.
The 19 links below are about various yesteryears New Year’s Eve Parties at Srilekha, most of them contain several photographs of us in Fancy Dresses (over 300 in all!). I hope you would enjoy seeing them. You may click on the photographs at these links to zoom in.
New Year's Eve Party Photos - Part XIX           

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