Friday, December 11, 2009

New Year’s Eve Party Photos – Part IV.

The above photos are of the New Year Eve Party of 31st December 1997. In this year’s Fancy dress competition I got dressed as a Politician of The Indian National Congress. Lalitha was in a traditional Maharashtrian dress. My brother posed as a Peanuts and Channa Vendor. My sister-in-law participated as a Sales woman. Uma Rani got dressed as a Kashmiri girl, Usha Rani as a Christian girl, Sravanthi as a Leper seeking alms and Alekhya as a Goonda. Sudhir put on the fancy dress of a Hippy; Bablu got dressed as a Dacoit, Sridhar got dressed as a Private Detective, Srikanth as a Punjabi girl and Srinath as a WWF Wrestler.

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