Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Year’s Eve Party Photos – Part XV

Between 7th December and 31st December 2009 I posted our New Year Eve Party photos of various years in ‘Fourteen Parts’. My original intention was to complete posting photographs of all these parties by end 2009. That was not possible and starting from 2nd January 2010 I commenced writing on other subjects. But in the recent past I got requests from some followers of my blog to post more photographs of these New Year Parties. This is because they have participated or have knowledge of these celebrations at our house and would like to see them. I shall oblige them but only until end January 2010 as they would become little irrelevant in February. And the balance I shall remember to post in December 2010 to entertain you once again on this subject.
In this Part XV, I have posted photographs from the New Year Eve Party of 31st December 1990. You can see the children, as they looked nineteen years ago - Sudheer, Bablu, Uma, Sridhar, Usha, Srikanth and Srinath playing with balloons. Concentrate a little more on the photographs; I am sure you will be able to hear their laughter and hullabaloo!

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