Saturday, July 6, 2013

How will these politicians win elections without promising fancy freebies!

The present and a past Chief Minister known to me cannot make a single speech without promising freebies to the general public. They go on marathon padayatras criticising one another and announcing freebies obviously for popularity, votes, victory and power but not out of kindness. Freebies are helping political parties to win elections but senselessly depleting State funds and adversely affecting development. Instead of announcing freebies day in and day out how wonderful it would be if these politicians really concentrated on eradicating poverty in the last six decades of our independence, giving best of education, creating employment, creating proper health care and many more nation developing duties that remain neglected.
Yesterday brought about good news to me but it must be the saddest day to politicians who are accustomed to announcing freebies every time they open their mouths in public. Our Supreme Court observed that political parties shouldn’t promise freebies to voters and has directed the Election Commission to ensure this.
It will be very difficult for most politicians to make speeches now as they are not supposed to lure voters with Colour TVs, Cycles, Mixer/Grinders, Laptops, Gold, Mangala Sutras, Free food grains, Free Cash Transfers, Free or Subsidised this that and everything that they fancy will win elections for them.
Hope 2014 General Elections and every election thereafter will be free of such corrupt practices.   

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