Monday, March 19, 2018

Happy to see Hyderabad Metro Rail’s Progress Report of First 100 Days!

Hyderabad Metro Rail has completed 100 days of successful operations a week back and has released statistics of their performance yesterday, 18th March…perhaps as a part of their Ugadi celebrations.
I am impressed with the statistics. Hyderabad Metro Rail has announced that they have covered a distance of 10.2 lakh kilometres in its first 100 days of operation and have been 99.2 percent punctual. The total number of trips made by the 18 trains in operation along the 30 km long Nagole – Miyapur stretch is 36,186!  And in these 100 days, over 80 lakh passengers have traveled in the Metro Rail.
I hear that the Metro Rail is becoming very popular by the day. Some acquaintances have told me that in the early days there was rush during peak hours and not much in between but it is not so now, there are many passengers all the time.
After the inauguration of Metro Rail by Sri Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister on 28th November 2017 many works were unfinished like the pavements at some Metro Stations and within the Stations itself and very significantly from my point of view the Paradise Metro Station’s landing towards the Fire Station. But today most works are complete and other works are progressing rapidly.
Though Paradise Metro Station is just a few metres and minutes away from our house, this mode of transport is not useful to us as of now on daily basis, because our area of activity is in other parts of the City. But it is certainly very convenient for us if we have any errands or invitations to attend along the existing Metro Stations and in future along new Metro routes coming up.
I have traveled by the Metro Rail twice so far. First time it was from Paradise to Miyapur with changeover of trains at Ameerpet and back to Paradise just to enjoy the Metro experience. And the second time it was in the opposite direction from Paradise Station to Stadium Station to attend a function at the nearby Little Flower Junior College and of course back. Driving along these routes especially during peak hours would have taken me a very long time; with lots of traffic related inconveniences. But not so now, on the few occasions I may get to travel by Metro Rail.
I wish the world class Metro Rail of Hyderabad will continue to do well, to the entire satisfaction of the commuters.

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Congratulations! Greatest World Leader, CM of AP!