Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A surprise at this fine dining restaurant brought out smiles and memories.

Everything at a fine dining restaurant is impressive. Everything is attended to in detail and to please us, the guests. The entire ambience and the food are excellent. The lobby, the overall d├ęcor, the reception, the dining hall, the guest tables, the seating, the music, the lighting, the art on the walls, the flowers at the table, the crockery, the cutlery, the waiters, the stewards, the menu card and the items in it are all top class, to please us. If it is a buffet spread, it would be a feast to our eyes with virtually countless colorful and delicious foods…Indian, Continental, Italian, Chinese…salads, fruits, starters, soups, variety of beverages and a grand spread of main course and desserts. There would also be some live cooking stations involving us and making foods to suit our tastes.
At one such restaurant to which we have been recently there was a surprise. It had a live South Indian Filter Coffee Station. Filter coffee was being made here just as we have seen it being made in Tirumala and few places of Tamil Nadu. As is common the coffee was made mixing it by pouring it and pulling the beverage from one tumbler to another, stretching it to as much as one to two meters, as you can see in the picture below. A very fascinating sight indeed and it was served to us in the traditional style, in a Stainless Steel Glass/Tumbler and Dabara.  As we were sipping the marvelous filter coffee it brought forth memories of having such coffee at houses of some orthodox families and friends from Tamil Nadu and the South Indian places I mentioned above. Having coffee in such a modest, a little inconvenient but traditional style and talking about our similar coffee memories was the highlight of our fine dining experience at this restaurant.
This rustic South Indian Filter Coffee Station was a real surprise.

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