Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I shall always stand up with respect to our National Anthem.

In the name of freedom,
Don’t stand up for the National Anthem,
Do what you like,
There are many like you,
In our great free country.
But I shall respectfully stand up,
For our National Anthem,
Everywhere and everytime.
Some politicians are saying,
And some controversial people are saying: 
Patriotism flows in the veins!
Of all Indians from birth!
They are the greatest patriots!
On earth:
What if they cannot sing the National Anthem,
What if they do not stand up when it is sung,
Or when the National flag is hoisted,
They are the greatest patriots all the time.
What if they do not participate in elections,
What if they do not respect elected governments,
What if they support politicians;
Fighting criminal cases,
What if they support dynastic rule,
And unethical mahagathbandhans,
Of political parties with different ideologies,
And once arch rivals.
What if they do not participate;
In Independence Day celebrations,
Or Republic Day celebrations.
What if they spread dirt all around them,
What if they constantly create problems for others,
What if they wear shirts with flags of other countries,
And salute such foreign flags,
What if they speak against the world’s wisest judiciary,
What if they do not rise before the Gods of justice,
What if they do not stand up,
For the National Anthem in theaters,
Heavens will not fall down,
Respect for the county or law will not be belittled,
This is their freedom of speech and life,
They are entitled to:
Speak and behave as they wish,
This is India.
Patriotism flows in their veins!
They are the greatest patriots!
On earth.
This is what; ‘What if’ supporters are saying.
I am an Indian too,
Definitely different from supporters of ‘What if” people;
Mentioned above,
I am for standing up with respect;
 To our National Anthem and Flag,
Whether in a theater or anywhere.
And I am proud that I can sing the Anthem,
And Vande Mataram too,
The way they have to be sung,
And respectfully.
God save our Country,
From these controversial people,
So called wise men,
Politicizing everything,
Some sitting on seats of authority,
Creating tamasha after tamasha,
Day after day.

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