Thursday, October 19, 2017

Aubergine, Mushroom and Cheese Diyas!?!

Happy Diwali!
Surprised with the unbelievable title? Sorry, please don’t think any further, they are not real Diyas!
Deepavali festival is happiness unlimited! The traditional Harathulu, Bommala Koluvu, Lakshmi Devi Pooja, traditional sweets and special foods, house illumination with Diyas and electric lamps, Crackers, exchange of gifts  and happy time with family and friends…makes the festival very special, every year.
Apart from the traditional festivities; it also calls for pleasant surprises; with some exotic foods, gifts and extraordinary fireworks! This Diwali, as an evening snack; I secretly prepared tiny pizzas for the family with grilled Aubergine slices as base, topped with sliced and cooked mushrooms mixed with cheese-spread, oregano and chili flakes and topped with mozzarella cheese and an almond crown that appears like a wick! 
You can see these diyas in the attached pictures and also of the tomato diyas! I made at an earlier Diwali festival.

You may see my earlier exhaustive photo-blog posts and videos on our celebration of Deepavali festival over the years; covering traditions like ‘Harathulu’, ‘Bommala Koluvu’, ‘Crackers/Fireworks’ and ‘Festive Foods’, by clicking on the links below. I hope you will find them interesting and informative:
Wish You All A Very Happy Diwali / Deepavali - 2017:
Deepavali Harathulu:
Deepavali Bommala Koluvu:
The Joy of Crackers & Sparklers:
Telangana’s quintessential sweets of Deepavali are Garijalu and Pheni:
Our Deepavali Celebration Pictures – 2014:
Deepavali Bommala Koluvu at Srilekha; over the years!
Deepavali Bommala Koluvu and Fireworks! - 2013.
Deepavali Harathulu - 2013.
Our Deepavali Festival Pictures - 2014.
A glimpse of our Diwali celebration! - 2012.
Deepavali Greetings:
Deepavali commentary and songs by our granddaughter, Sudhiksha:
You may click on the following link / URL to see a Greeting Card come to life with heavy animation of diyas, sparklers, crackers and the melodious commentary and songs by our granddaughter, Sudhiksha:
You may click on the ‘Pink Play/Pause Button’ available on the Greeting Card to listen to Sudhiksha once again.

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