Monday, March 12, 2018

Queen of Cucumbers!

Happy to buy Kakri / Snake Cucumber…as this is rarely available in Hyderabad. It is technically a fruit; a variety of Muskmelon but a vegetable to most of us as it looks like a Cucumber inside and tastes like it. This delicacy can be eaten raw with its skin, the skin being very thin. It tastes good, it is very refreshing, wholesome, a good thirst quencher as it is juicy and it is a great energy provider!
Worldwide it goes by different names…Armenian Cucumber, Snake Cucumber, Serpent Cucumber, Snake Melon, Yard-long Cucumber Uri in Japan, Kakri and Kakdi in India and by many other names. Its scientific name is Cucumis melo var. flexuosus and its origins are said to be from Armenia. But it is now popular and grown world over and it is rightly nicknamed as Queen of Cucumbers!
This article is mostly for those who have not experienced the Queen of Cucumbers. It is normally not available in the vegetable markets of Hyderabad City but with the arrival of summer you can find some vendors selling these along the roads leading to the City. Try them, you will certainly like them!

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