Saturday, October 28, 2017

Please get to see real patriots and heroes of our country!

Republic TV has come out with a very informative and interesting program; very much to my liking. It is all about our soldiers, the soldiers in our four Armed forces – Indian Army, Air Force, Navy and the Coast Guard and our other soldiers in the Central Armed Police Forces that is BSF-Border Security Force, CRPF-Central Reserve Police Force, ITBP-Indo Tibetan Border Police, NSG- National Security Guard, CISF-Central Industrial Security Force and AR-Assam Rifles. It is all about their life, training, duties, combat, rescue operations, battle experiences, their gallantry awards and everything they do for the security, peace and happiness of our country out of extreme patriotism. Love and respect for the country by our soldiers is overwhelming. Every episode has increased my admiration for our hard working and brave soldiers. I salute them very gratefully.
This program titled PATRIOT is being telecast on Saturdays and Sundays, since May this year. The anchor of this program is a brave soldier, Major Gaurav Arya and he is conducting it extremely well. You may check on the latest Republic TV schedule on Internet and watch this program, you will surely like it.
Please ensure that your children see this program, they will get to see real patriots and heroes of our country.

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