Monday, October 9, 2017

Cell phone related deaths are on the rise: Be cautious and alert to risks and dangers linked to Cell phones.

In the past few years I have written articles cautioning people about the dangers linked to careless use of Cell phones. I wrote about the rules and laws prohibiting use of Cell phones while driving and related dangers. Cell phone User Manuals caution people from using the instruments not only while driving but even while walking on roads and at risky places, but unfortunately many people do not follow these instructions.
Not just me but many others write to caution people, especially after Cell phone related accidents and deaths.  In spite of the laws and regular news of tragedies, many people continue to ignore safety and cause harm to themselves, their families and others.
Nowadays Cell phones have become more dangerous with the ‘Selfie’ feature and are adding to the death toll. The latest news is that India suffered the highest number of Selfie-related deaths.  According to these reports, 60 percent of all Selfie-deaths, where a person dies while trying to take a picture of self, occurred in our country.
Something which started with fun objective to derive pleasure of sorts and create a lasting memory of amusing moments of self, with people and places, is now taking away precious lives. People are dying taking Selfies in front of approaching trains, in front of wild animals, on top of high and dangerous places like cliffs and roof tops, on boats, at riverfronts and at various dangerous places and under risky situations. This Selfie obsession is spreading like an epidemic. This fad, this madness has to end. Life is precious for the individual, his family, his friends and all his loved ones; one should not risk it for a Selfie.
Please be very cautious and alert to risks and dangers linked to Cell phones. You may read my articles on misuse and dangers of Cell phones and watch some informative videos by clicking on the links below:
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Regarding Cell Phone addiction:
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  1. We are the most indisciplined lot I believe,we don't even take care of our own safety.

    1. Very true, with majority of people in our country.
      Thank you for writing to me.


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