Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Attention World! Great News! From New Delhi!

Starting from Diwali Festival Day this year, Delhi – National Capital Region is going to have the highest Oxygen level among cities in our Country (20.95%) and perhaps in the World! Now nobody will be sick here because of air pollution.
I thought firecrackers with minimum air and noise polluting content and weighing approximately 125 to 250 grams would be made available at cost to all Aadhaar Card holders or alternatively Community Fireworks at few places in the City would be encouraged. But surprisingly a much wiser decision has been taken to ban sale of crackers in NCR area.  
For those disappointed with this ban I have a suggestion, please seek permission from local authorities and enjoy Diwali by lighting a matchstick in front of your house and with it a tiny Agarbatti.
HAPPY DIWALI! To You! A pollution-free one! Happily celebrate with your family and friends, with lots of sweets, dry fruits and nuts, but no crackers.

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