Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Short Story in Five Sentences!


Two teenagers, the sister of the bride and the brother of the bridegroom were introduced at the pre-wedding ceremonies of their older siblings and after the wedding providence brought these two teenagers closer and as days, weeks and months passed their courtship continued unknown to the elders and the society around them, for four years!
After four years, soon after the young man completed his graduation and got employed and as the girl’s parents were seeking a marriage alliance for her, the youngsters expressed their intent to get married.
Surprised and shocked initially, the elders discussed and happily agreed to their marriage but within days they went back on their decision as some persons influenced them stating that two sisters cannot be married into the same family as it would bring bad luck to their families.
After almost two years of turmoil between these two families and anguish of the youngsters, providence prevailed and brought happiness to all of them and united the young couple in marriage.
Thereafter, touch wood…the couple is leading a blissful life spreading happiness around them with their two sons and is today going to be grandparents! 

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