Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What a pity. What’s the world coming to?

What a pity...
He was just five,
And very majestic,
And enormous,
Weighing 80 kilograms!
On 3rd of July 2017,
He did not find food,
At all places he knew,
So he ventured out,
There too there was no food,
So he moved further out,
And it was all barren land,
With no life in sight,
And not a drop of water.
His hunger grew,
And thirst was unbearable,
He felt totally lost,
And he was tired,
There was no shade,
He wandered aimless,
Then he saw the trunk of a tree,
But no branches in sight.
He began climbing it,
Hoping he would find a branch,
And rest on it for awhile.
What he thought to be a trunk,
Was a HT transmission pole,
He reached the top,
And that brought the end,
To his hunger pangs,
And to his return journey.
It brought about sudden break,
In what could have been,
A life span of seventeen years,
With lots of fun,
Had it been yesteryears!
What a pity,
What’s the world coming to?

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