Friday, January 19, 2018

Invitation to a lovely warm holiday.

My dear friend,
I pity your situation…
Living in such extreme cold,
Covered in snow,
Surrounded by snow,
And worst,
Your eyelashes covered in frost!
I wouldn’t survive a minute,
In your situation,
Wish I could export;
To your dwelling,
A little of our warm weather,
And ample sunshine.
This would be delicious to you,
And very pleasing to me,
But that is a weird wish,
That would never be fulfilled,
Until scientists invent,
A remedy to your situation.
Earnestly I can only extend,
An invitation,
To you and your family,
To come to Srilekha,
That is our house,
For a warm, comfy,
And a happy vacation,
With our lovely family,
This winter,
And every winter,
Like the migratory birds,
From your country.
Taking very good care of you,
At our house Srilekha,
And in my country; India,
Would be my pleasure,
But, my apologies,
Travel would be at your expense.

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