Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kamadhenu – the sacred cow which grants all wishes and desires!

Universally it is a well known fact that Hindus venerate and worship cows.  Cows are considered as eternal sustainers of humanity because of their nourishing feature, in so many different ways…lovingly in one way to its calf but in many ways to humanity.    
Since the beginning of Hindu civilization cows have been very sacred to us. The Vedas and the epics depict this importance in detail.  They are venerated like a mother. Until recent past most Hindu households had at least one cow, well looked after and worshipped.
This article is about Kamadhenu, the mother of all cows. It is known by many names and one such popular name is Surabhi.  Kamadhenu cow is believed to fulfill all desires as per many scriptures and personal experiences of many. Idols and pictures of Kamadhenu, the mother cow with its calf, at home or at work place, are believed to be very auspicious, as they symbolize prosperity, good health and wealth and grant wishes. You can see some images of Kamadhenu in the attached pictures.
And to know in detail about Kamadhenu you may click on the link below:

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