Thursday, December 3, 2015

Very impressed by these two recent speeches in our Parliament.

Here are two excellent speeches in Parliament by Sri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister and Sri Venkaiah Naidu, Minster of Parliamentary affairs and In-charge of few other Ministries. I am extremely impressed by these speeches. You may listen to these speeches...the videos are available just below this article.
I wish the whole Country could listen to these speeches, introspect and if necessary correct their outlook - especially those (people and media) who are bent on constantly criticizing, blaming and insulting any Government in power, on non-issues or on any one unfortunate incident created by a bigot or a small group of bigots at some small place…thus affecting the unity, peace and development of our Country. More over these days, any unfortunate stray harmful incident by some intolerant person or an irresponsible small group at some small place is being blown out of proportion in the entire Country by the type of people and media I have mentioned above. Such problems are always and should always be tackled promptly and duly by the local Law and Order authorities and they should ensure that such incidents do not recur. News of this may reach us in its true form but not in a distorted way and as an incessant evil propaganda to blame and defame sections of people all over, project the entire Country as passing through dangerous times and spread hatred among people and disturb peace. I find people around me, walking on roads, traveling or shopping in Hyderabad, or elsewhere in other Cities quite cheerful and peaceful with no signs of panic or hatred. Why infuse evil thoughts into them, you intolerant cynics, are you patriots or traitors of the Nation. Instead of angry reactions, let these popular people spread messages of unity, tolerance and peace in troubled areas and the whole Nation would appreciate such action and they would also get the attention they want.  
May wisdom prevail on all people, those in charge of governance, those with narrow thoughts, loose tongued, the politically ambitious, religious bigots, attention seeking individuals, the angry award insulters and the loyal supporters of all the above mentioned intolerant evil characters to refrain from causing tensions and problems in our Country.
And please don’t be intolerant towards me for what I have written.

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