Saturday, June 23, 2018

Incredible Coincidence!

784533 - This is a number known to our family since 1980. It is a number we all had to remember then and even today, with of course some additions to it over a period of time. It is a number we passed on to all friends and relatives, a number our family must have uttered over a million times. This number is engraved in our brains very prominently since 38 years!
Surprisingly this number-784533 plays a very important role in a Chinese movie of 2003, with of course English subtitles for us. The entire story of the movie is based on this number, and this number is uttered, slowly, loudly and in shrieks over a hundred times in the movie! This coincidence of a number so familiar to us appearing in the movie astonished us then, and continues to do so now. And speaking about the movie, it is an extraordinary one, everyone would love it.
Please do not come to any conclusion, we have nothing to do with the production of the movie. It is the first Chinese-language Asian film ever produced and distributed by Warner Bros.
I shall not reveal the name of the movie because I want you to know the importance of this number in the movie…please search over internet for ‘movie based on number 784533’ or simply ‘784533 movie’ and you will get the answer.
And coming to our relation with the number – it is our connection to the world, thanks to Alexander Graham Bell!

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