Wednesday, August 2, 2017

12 Penalty Points And You’re Out: Hyderabad Unveils Traffic Penalty System!

Frequent traffic violations will lead to suspension of Driving Licence in Hyderabad, as a system of penalty points has been officially introduced on our city's roads since yesterday, 1st August’17.
A centralized database of offences and penalty points will be maintained to keep track of repeat offenders and to mete out strict punishment. The police have released a list of violations under the Motor Vehicles Act, and corresponding points for each violation – your license will be suspended if you record 12 penalty points within 24 months. A motorist who gets 12 points in two years would face a one-year suspension of the driving licence. If the motorist clocks 12 points a second time, the licence would be suspended for two years. And for the third offence, the licence would be suspended for three years. Driving after your license is suspended will lead to imprisonment. Please refer to the attached two posters for details of penalty points.
Take care, follow traffic rules to remain safe and avoid punishment.

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