Saturday, July 15, 2017

Puzzle or Prank?!

The fried fish spread on a plate,
Are in double digit,
And of an even number,
You alone can eat them all,
And two of you can share equally,
If you feed one fish to your cat,
Then five of you can share them equally,
And if you feed two to your cat,
Then six of you can share equally.
Can you solve this puzzle,
And tell me how many fish are on the plate?
If you are good at Algebra,
May be you can solve it easily,
So please do try.
But when I tried the Algebra way,
My thinking went astray,
Left with no other way,
I looked for the answer,
But it was not a number!
It was the plate!
With the fishes!
Hope I am good at counting,
The answer I think is twenty-six!...:

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