Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Great Indian Cricket Team Suffers Eighth Consecutive Test Loss!

Today Australia crushed India by 298 runs to complete 4-0 whitewash. India lost all the 4 Test matches miserably. This is India’s eighth consecutive Test loss after its 4-0 loss, a series whitewash in England towards end of last year. In fact we have not won a single test series in Australia in 10 visits. In spite of such a gloomy background, our media, cricket commentators and analysts made us believe that we are sure to win the Test series, as our team is in great form and the Australian team is in a bad shape. It looks like our Team also believed the media and the experts and when they faced a tough Australian side they buckled match after match losing heavily every time. Everything to do with International Cricket in India; seems to be wrong, the BCCI, the selectors and the cricket players need to be selected on parameters other than what they are presently following.
Utterly disappointed with our substandard, lousy and dismal performance; I posted the following comments to my facebook status (the clipping can be seen at the top of this article). I am sure many would agree with me:
“Indian politicians, media, so called experts who appear on TV and a majority of Indian Cricket commentators are good at building “Castles In The Air”, to fool us or because they are fools. But certainly they are blind to the realities and do very little to improve the situation.”

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