Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cartoons! On a rogue politician’s ‘flop show’ today, in Telangana.

Befitting insult to 'rags to riches - born manipulator, back stabber, power hungry dictator, corrupt criminal, ever deceiving fox and leader of the Telangana Dhrohula Party’. His army of goondas and criminals and the ever biased beastly Katmal batallions could not protect him today from the anger, abuses, insults, chappals and boots of the local people (you can see the mark of a boot on his back and a slap on his cheek, in the attached picture).  People are saying ‘May he continue to rot here and in hell’.

Muhurtham? Well, better check with the power hungry politician, who is disrupting peace and traffic with his never ending ‘padayatras’ and gimmicks to come to POWER.

A crook who deceived us in the last two general elections with false promises turned into a bigger villain when the Central Government announced the process of formation of a separate Telangana State on 9th December 2009. He had supported the formation of separate State even until few hours before the 9th December announcement, confident that the Central Government would never favor a separate State and that he can continue to fool the local people for their votes. Once the announcement was made he made a U-turn and opposed the decision and started large scale political resignations and demonstrations in his region. Due to this violence the Central Government went back on their decision. Since then he had no guts to face the people of Telangana. In these two years he could not tour the districts of Telangana and has lost every election that he contested.
Hungry for power, he decided that after two years of hiding from the people of Telangana he should somehow step into this area and continue to fool the local people. He has every right to tour but not fool people. The majority of people no longer trust this wicked politician and have opposed his tour. Aware of this ground reality he entered the region today with thousands of his followers some of them armed, and of course under the armed protection of battalions of ‘Katmals’ biased against Telangana. All along his route he had to face abuses, insults, stones, slippers and shoes from the local people. The agony and insults he faced are from those people who daringly came on to the roads to protest his tour. The whole region hates him and that is why a ‘total bandh’, closure of shops all along his route was observed as a protest.
I posted the above two cartoons on facebook, earlier today, based on the above subject and events and my hatred towards this evil - power hungry manipulator. I do not name him or his party as I do not want their filthy names to tarnish my blog. 

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