Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awaiting yet another great Cooking Show!

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw.
Nowadays in India there are a lot of Cooking Shows, Cooking Contests and Food related programs on TV by Lifestyle channels like TLC and NDTV Good Times, and most Regional Language Entertainment channels and even News channels. It appears that you can see at least one Cooking show at any time of the day. I like watching these shows. I watch some cooking and food related programs by choice and at times by chance, as I am browsing for some entertainment. Our family, especially I and my brother were interested in these shows even when we had only one TV Channel, the B & W Doordarshan! And now my eldest son also loves watching these shows and preparing some foods as per the shows. These programs have taught us a lot. They have tempted and encouraged us to prepare and enjoy a variety of foods. They have educated us on many aspects of cooking, simple to exotic recipes, deeper understanding of cooking methods, foods and condiments, tips and ideas and most importantly increased our passion for new foods and cooking, and taught us a lot on food presentation. These Television food programs shall always continue to be a big source of entertainment and information to us.    
I have downloaded several Gigabytes of innumerable shows and recipes with utmost interest. Of course it is a different matter that with so many Cooking programs being telecast I do not have the need to watch my precious downloads, as of now.
The main purpose of writing this article is to announce my interest in the upcoming “India Vs. Pakistan” Cookery Show! called “Foodistan”; being telecast by NDTV Good Times. This program will be launched on 23rd January 2012 and will be telecast at 9:30 PM, Monday to Wednesday. Any contest between India and Pakistan, whether it is hockey or cricket or any other game, will be of great interest and excitement to us. Same would be the case in this contest but the difference is that we would love the performance of both the teams as they would be cooking mouth-watering delicacies! The show will have eight professional and prominent Chefs from India and Pakistan dishing out the best of recipes featuring the cuisines and food traditions of their countries.
I am anxiously looking forward to watch this program without missing a single episode. Who wins the contest is not at all important to me, I am just interested in the wonderful foods they are going to create and how they are going to create.
I hope you too would love to watch this program.  

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