Friday, July 22, 2011

“Vaastu Fishes” – A manipulation for riches!

“Vaastu Fishes” a new Vaastu fad! a modern Vaastu Shastra!! supposed to keep the keepers happy and prosperous; may or may not be doing so but is certainly making the vendors of fishes richer! A variety of fish called Vaastu Fishes are available in the market, the price ranging from a few rupees to over a Lakh of rupees!
Calling them Feng shui Fishes may be appropriate but calling them Vaastu Fishes to lure the ardent followers of Vaastu, I feel is solely to benefit some Vaastu Shastra pandits, consultants, experts and the vendors of the fishes. I have heard a lot of Vaastu Shastra, some aspects may be easy to follow and may be beneficial but most of them seem to be controversial and most of its recommendations are virtually impossible to practice today. For instance, is it possible for an entire family or a gathering or an individual to consume food seated in a particular direction for every meal and at every place! And since we are unable to observe this Vaastu ritual, we should be in a pitiable situation by now!
According to Feng shui, keeping a fish tank or aquarium in the house is good. It is said that; as fish do not shut their eyes even while sleeping, evil forces and bad energies are afraid to enter the house under the impression that the fishes are guarding the house and would obstruct their entry! And apart from this Feng shui considers that a water body in an appropriate location in the house is auspicious and that it brings good fortune. Hence the aquariums with the fishes! It was initially said that an aquarium with eight Gold Fishes and a Black Fish would be very beneficial. But now a number of exotic and expensive fishes like the Arowana, Flower Horn and a host of other fishes have arrived in the market, higher the price greater the levels of fortune to the owner! Copying this Chinese tradition into Vaastu Shastra and selling a fish for Rupees 1.5 Lakhs is certainly a manipulation to bring good fortune to the Vaastu consultants and the sellers of “Vaastu Fishes”.
We have aquariums in our house since decades but not due to Feng shui or Vaastu, it is just as a hobby and for reasons that I have written earlier in this blog. You may reach these photo-posts by clicking on the following two links:

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