Saturday, February 20, 2010

New look to our Aquariums!

On 20th September 2009, I posted an article in my blog titled – “A touch of ‘Lovely living nature’ in our home!” ( In that article I wrote about the two ‘Freshwater-Planted Aquariums’ at our house, one indoors and the other outdoors amidst plants and under a tree. In recent times new fishes, plants, river stones and regalia have been added. You can see the new collection of various fishes in the above photographs and the improved looks of the Aquariums.
I recently read Bob Vetere. He so rightly said: “More people are discovering the many therapeutic health benefits associated with Aquarium fish. An increasing number of offices, classrooms and homes are being equipped with Aquariums, as additional studies show watching fish contributes to stress and anxiety reduction, relaxation and even leads to enhanced creativity and learning environments.”

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