Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mrigashira, Monsoon and Murrel!

Today is Mrigashira Karthe, it would begin at 10:15 PM and end tomorrow, 9th June at 9:00 PM. Rain on Mrigashira day is a good omen. Rain on Mrigashira day is considered benevolent; it forecasts a very good rainfall in the current monsoon season.  And luckily it rained today morning and again in the evening and looking at the overcast sky it looks like it is going to rain tonight and tomorrow and the prediction will come true this year!
As I have written earlier we have the custom of eating fish on Mrigashira Karthe day so we are having fish for tonight’s dinner and for all the meals tomorrow! Murrel is the most commonly consumed fish on this occasion but we are also having another delicacy Seer. We look forward to this day for having compulsory fish!
Mrigashira Karthe day is significant for one other reason. It has made Hyderabad popular all over the world for its Fish Medicine or Fish Prasadam which is administered as a cure for Asthma, free of cost on Mrigashira day.
I have written two articles on Mrigashira Karthe earlier, 1) Hyderabad’s “Fish Prasadam” for treatment of Asthma and 2) It is our tradition to eat fish on “Mrigashira Karthe”. You may reach these articles by clicking on the following links:

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