Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It is our tradition to eat fish on ‘Mrigashira Karthe’.

According to the Telugu almanac the rainy season commences every year from the day of Mrigashira Karthe. This year’s Mrigashira Karthe commenced yesterday (8th June) evening and would continue until today evening. Surprisingly on most Mrigashira Karthe days it rains for a while in Hyderabad. This year too there was a light drizzle for about an hour at dawn today.

And according to a very old tradition we eat fish on the day of Mrigashira Karthe. With no questions asked we follow this family and local tradition. Even if someone questions, the simple answer would be “eating fish today is good for health”. This year; as Mrigashira Karthe is extended over two days we have been having fish since yesterday. It was ‘Seer fish’ yesterday and ‘Murrel fish’ today.

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