Thursday, June 16, 2011

Longest and darkest Lunar Eclipse of the century occurred last night.

A much talked about lunar eclipse, unusually long and dark, occurred last night. The eclipse started at 10:50 PM and lasted for 100 minutes. We witnessed the eclipse from our rooftop and over various TV Channels, alternatively. This eclipse will go down in history as this century’s longest and darkest total lunar eclipse. The next such eclipse will only take place after 130 years that is in the year 2141. None of us who had the opportunity of seeing this eclipse would be able to see another ‘over 100-minutes lunar eclipse’, no one alive today for that matter!
As usual all the Temples remained closed due to the eclipse from yesterday evening till today morning. As for us we are following the regular tradition associated with an eclipse. We had our dinner early last night. Today morning the floor of the house is washed and we had head bath with some holy water from Ganges mixed in the bathwater. And now in our Pooja room Thiruvanjanam / Pulikapu is in progress. And only after Harathi and Theertham we would have our breakfast.
The above photograph and video are to illustrate about last night’s eclipse. You may read a detailed article I wrote in July 2009 on eclipses and the traditions and superstitions associated with it by - Clicking Here: "A Lunar eclipse caused the Crescent mark on my forehead."

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