Saturday, June 18, 2011

Enjoying the good weather on a Motorcycle!

Summer has come to an end, the day and night temperatures have fallen and the rainy season has commenced. Just a few showers, heavy rains haven’t started at Hyderabad. Since three days it is mostly cloudy with a cool breeze in the mornings and evenings and an occasional drizzle. After a long and hot summer there is nothing like enjoying this pleasant weather. What better way than a Motorbike ride in such pleasant weather! With cool breeze around us, the effect of strong wind on our faces and hands, the true feel of acceleration, the roar of the Motorbike engine and close connection with the road is a great feeling but only for short rides.
An early morning ride around Hussain Sagar before the traffic picks up or much better a ride out of the city on Medchal Road any time of a ‘good weather day’ for some hot refreshments along the way would be a highly enjoyable experience. As you must be aware there are a number of Dhabas along this highway. Such an outing in a car with the whole family would be great fun and equally enjoyable and much safer; but the Motorbike experience, I think has an edge when you are alone or with a partner.
Much better way of enjoying the pleasant weather would be a daylong picnic with all your loved ones far from the city; under trees, amidst greenery and along streams surrounded by natural beauty!

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