Monday, August 10, 2009

Entertainment at Hussain Sagar, is close at hand!

Hussain Sagar Lake, the most prominent and beautiful place in the Twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad is very close to our house. All the entertainment that is available around the lake is easily accessible to us. The aerial distance from our house to the northern side of the Lake is just about 500 Metres. And by road; this point is 1.2 Kms. from our house, due to twists and turns along the way. At this northern edge we touch the Necklace Road which would lead us along the periphery of the lake up to NTR Gardens. From there once again along the lake we go on to the Tank Bund Road and in one full circle we come back to the same point from where we started on the Necklace Road. This circumambulation of the lake and the huge Buddha Statue at the center of the lake is of 9.7 Kms. And the distance of this Pradakshina around the lake, starting and ending at our house is 12.3 Kms. long.
This circumambulation or a drive on Necklace Road up to IMAX junction and back or trips to the eateries, parks, exhibitions and entertainment shows along this route are common activity for us. It is an easy to choose destination when there is confusion about deciding a place for an outing. The most important places along this route are Sanjeevaiah Park, Yogi bear park, Jalavihar entertainment park with water games, Ohris 1857 restaurant, Eat street with multitude eating options, Water Front restaurant, Peoples Plaza with innumerable exhibitions and entertainment shows from time to time, Horse and Camel rides, smaller eateries, Prasads IMAX which has an IMAX screen and five other screens along with a food court, a shopping mall and entertainment zone, NTR Gardens, Lumbini Park which is popular for boating in Hussain Sagar, musical fountains and Laser shows and small eateries along Tank Bund Road. This entire circular route has wide roads and looks beautiful with well landscaped lawns, gardens and greenery all around the lake. There are 33 Statues of famous personalities of the State on Tank Bund reminding people of our history and greatness. Lord Sree Venkateshwaraswamy’s Temple made of white marble on the nearby Naubat Pahad more popularly known as Birla Mandhir and the world’s largest Buddha Statue which is 72 feet high and located at the center of the lake on Rock of Gibraltar add extraordinary beauty to the place. My sons Srikanth and Srinath go there along with cousins during Sankranti festival to fly Kites as it is an open area with no obstructions and a strong breeze all the time and as there is ample scope for Kite fighting. And as such on Sankranti day there is an International Kite flying Show at Peoples Plaza.
Few other important places around the lake are PV Narasimha Rao Ghat, NTR Memorial Ghat, Hyderabad Sailing Club and Secunderabad Boats Club. Within close proximity to Tank Bund are Snow world, Indira Park, Hyderabad Marriott Hotel and the State Secretariat. Tank Bund Road which connects the Twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad has heavy traffic throughout the day and in contrast Necklace Road has negligible traffic. This prompts us to go on frequent rides along the beautiful Necklace road up to IMAX junction which is 6.1 Kms. from our house and return home with no traffic hassles ….. At speeds we love in the center of a chaotic city!
To know the history and technical data of the Lake you may please left-click on the topmost photograph and read the two billboards.

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