Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rohini Karthe.

Today is called “Rohini Karthe”; as per the Telugu Calendar. “Rohini Karthe” means the sojourn of SUN (RAVI) in ROHINI Nakshatram. The SUN stays in each Nakshatram for fourteen days and that period is called Karthe. “Rohini Karthe” is the peak of summer; the next 14 days too would be hot. There is a popular saying in Telugu: “Rohini Karthe lo Rollu pagile enda untundhi”, meaning it is so hot during “Rohini Karthe” that grinding stones in the kitchen would crack due to the heat!

After the 14 day “Rohini Karthe”; it is “Mrigashira”, the day from which the rainy season would commence.  Local farmers usually prepare their land for cultivation during Rohini Karthe and wait for the rains for sowing. I have seen it rain or drizzle; many a times on the day of “Mrigashira” but nowadays this centuries-old rhythm is no longer a rule. Even in the recent past; farmers depended on the Telugu Lunar Calendar for cultivation and everything worked for them in the right direction and they prospered. Today earth’s climate and weather are in disarray; earth has lost its benevolent rhythm due to careless exploitation. If we are not careful; human existence is in further danger of disorder and destruction.


  1. “Rohini Karthe lo Rollu pagile enda untundhi” I want all the coments about the all karthe's. Please send to my mail please.

  2. please could you please specify the date of rohini kaarthe in 1970. if anyone have telugu panchangam for 1970, could you please post here


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