Thursday, May 5, 2011

Encounter Specialists! But Soft on Terrorists!?

On 2nd May 2011, Osama Bin Laden, the founder of Al-Qaeda, a militant organization responsible for 11th September 2001 deadly attacks (in USA) and thousands of deaths all over the world was hunted and killed by USA in the heart of Pakistan, without the knowledge of Pakistan! It is not just Laden, America silences or punishes any Country or any organization or any person who messes with them or with their friends. Sometimes it may take time but eventually America wins and the whole world rejoices at their success.
On 4th May 2011, a local rowdy of Bangalore with over 40 cases in different police stations was shot dead by local policemen. We hear of such encounter killings very often; we are very good at it and some police officers are called encounter specialists. Our Army is on a constant vigil to prevent infiltrators from entering our country from Terroristan and they are mostly successful. However when we capture terrorists, we somehow go soft on them!
On 13th December 2001 our Parliament was attacked by terrorists from Terroristan. In December 2002, our investigators caught four members of Jaish-e-Mohammed who were found responsible for the attack. They were put on trial and after a long legal procedure; all four were found guilty in 2004. One of them Mohammad Afzal Guru was sentenced to death penalty and was to be executed on 20th October 2006. He filed for clemency and his mercy petition is under consideration by the President of India and the Indian Government since all these years.
On 26th November 2008, Mumbai was attacked by terrorists from Terroristan. The acts of terror continued until 29th November, killing 164 and injuring at least 308 people a few of them foreigners. One terrorist, Azmal Kasab was captured alive and he disclosed that he and other attackers are members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, yet another militant organization. After a fair and long trial he was sentenced to death on 6th May 2010 by a trial court.  After few more months of legal procedures, on 21st February 2011, the Mumbai High Court upheld the death sentence. We will perhaps have to wait for many more years to see justice brought to the victims of Mumbai attacks as Kasab’s case may move on to the Supreme Court and then to the President of India and the Indian Government. 
On 24th December 1999, yet another militant organization, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen from Terroristan hijacked an Indian Airlines Flight 814 with 176 passengers and forced the Aircraft to land in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The hijacking lasted for seven days and ended after our Government released three militants - Maulana Masood Azhar, Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar and Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh from our prisons, flew them to Kandahar and handed them over to the hijackers.
Our handling of terrorists seems so different from the way Americans do. American action in Abbottabad has won world acclaim. The American way has not only made every American happy but every normal and right thinking person in the world. Osama Bin Laden is responsible for the death of nearly 3000 people in America alone and after that he began hiding in a country where many like him are groomed, encouraged, respected, honored, given shelter and protected. He deserved to be hunted and punished to bring justice to all those dead and their suffering families and friends and to the society in general. There may be a few hypocrites, a country like Terroristan, terrorists and their supporters who do not appreciate the American way, quoting international laws, fair trial, and civilized procedures and so on. Would these few hypocrites talk and behave in the same way if their family and friends are attacked and harmed by terrorists or mad men or mad dogs or poisonous snakes. I don’t think so.
Indian politicians think that the only enemies they have are people from other political parties. Their aim is to remain or come to power by hook or crook, terrorists and enemies of the country are not a priority. Those ruling and safeguarding the country should remember that “Justice done in time; is Justice done” at least in the case of terrorists in captivity.

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