Monday, May 16, 2011

Buffoons! Crybabies! Stop criticizing massive victories of your opponents!

You have lost miserably in the recently held Kadapa and Pulivendula elections. You have lost your deposits as your opponents set national records with their victory margins. You tried every possible trick to defeat your opponents. You brought in huge number of campaigners, politicians, actors, artists and charged your opponents with all sorts of criminal, anti-social, religion and caste related misdeeds and made challenges in support of your victory. You spoke of your stature, your superiority, your seniority, your sincerity and what not and the people of these constituencies rejected you en masse!
I have followed your campaigning and the elections in Kadapa and Pulivendula with utmost interest though I have not supported or wished for the victory of any particular party. The confidence with which you spoke of your victories, I was under the impression that it would be a tough fight between the two major and a just born party. But eventually the stunning result of the just born party winning the elections with extraordinary and massive national record margins has amazed me. The rejoicing in the entire district against your elimination was unprecedented. You and your campaign have been rejected or you are more EVIL! than what you projected as evil.
After all the confidence you have exuberated in winning the elections, you are now behaving like buffoons by assigning silly reasons to your losses. Have you not foreseen and addressed these reasons in your campaign, you have, and you have lost, that is the ultimate truth. You tried your best to convince people to vote for you and they have rejected you in the best possible manner by making you lose your deposits!
Don’t speak like buffoons, stop condemning and criticizing victories, and accept the mighty verdict of the electorate. Learn to respect elections and the electorate.  

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