Saturday, November 20, 2010

Latest Family Photographs.

The above family photographs and those in my previous two articles "About today's Family Picnic" and "It's My Birthday Today" were possible with the homecoming of my son; Srinath, and my nephew; Uday Bhasker, from abroad, on a vacation. I am using my blog to store and cherish these beautiful moments.
There are innumerable moments in our life which stay etched in our memory forever. These are moments with our loved ones which bring a smile to our face every time we think of them. However, as time passes, most of these moments become hazy. But by capturing these moments through camera they are with us for a lifetime and future generations. We put them in picture frames, photo albums and these days in storage devices like CDs, Hard disks, Pen drives, etc., so that we can view them whenever we want to. Additionally I am posting them at my blog so that the family members and friends can see and enjoy them, wherever they are in the world, with just a few clicks at their computer. With this intention, I have posted over 3,500 photographs so far!


  1. Nice!!! Very ethnic uncle, but aunty is missing kada...srikanths peddamma?

  2. Dear Subha, Aunty was away to assist at our niece's marriage, aunty's youngest sister's daughter, Sravanti's marriage. I think you know Sravanti, her wedding took place on 18th Nov. at Hyderabad.

  3. helo uncle...."Welcome to our Family"-- apt title for these above frames ....
    I am sure you have plans to have these framed on one of your walls @ home.....another name suggested would be "Srisrilara's wall" just like the facebook's wall ....


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