Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Incredible INDIA! Overcomes chaos to offer a Grand Welcome to our Guests and host a SPECTACULAR Opening Ceremony of the CWG!

Well done India! In the recent past almost everything seemed wrong with our readiness to host the Commonwealth Games. News of imperfect facilities, unsafe and unhygienic conditions was reported regularly by national and international media. Wide ranging corruption was disclosed. This prompted me to write an article in this blog on 4th August, titled “National honour is at stake, helpless let us pray for the success of Commonwealth Games”:
As misdeeds and unpreparedness was being exposed everyone was concerned. Last minute efforts under the stewardship of our Prime Minster and best people identified to set right the lapses; excellent progress has been made. And today’s dazzling inauguration, the smiles, applause, amazement, happiness and satisfaction from over sixty thousand spectators and international athletes, sportsmen, media and dignitaries present at the venue (Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium) indicate that we are thoroughly prepared to conduct the Games. I hope the organizers will continue to take great care in conducting every event as successfully as the Opening Ceremony.
I wish grand success to the Commonwealth Games and Good Luck to all participants.

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