Monday, May 4, 2009

A week of celebrations!

Today is Monday, the starting day of another week.  And this is the week we have been waiting for some time! It is a week of many events and celebrations that are going to keep us busy. It is a time to meet a number of relatives and friends. My nephew, Kamal Nayan is getting married on Thursday, 8th May ’09. The long countdown has now come down to 5 days. There is hectic preparatory activity at my brother-in-law’s house. The enormous task of distributing the wedding invitations has almost come to a close. Shopping of garments and ornaments for the bride, groom and close relatives is completed. The above two statements seem as simple accomplishments but they are not.  With summer in full swing at Hyderabad it was not easy for the persons extending invitations. And the shopping was in installments and extended over few days. On one particular day the family members went out for shopping at 2 pm and returned home at 11 pm. Kamal’s Upanayanam and Pellikoduku ceremonies are on 6th May, that is day after tomorrow. The wedding ceremony is on 8th May, Sri Sathynarayana Swamy Vratham on 10th May and the reception on 11th May. The marriage is taking place at the bride’s native place - Burgampahad/Bhadrachalam, 330 Km. away from Hyderabad. We would be leaving for Bhadrachalam on 7th May by two private buses and returning back to Hyderabad on 9th May morning. In time to celebrate my marriage anniversary; on the evening of 9th May. Few other invitees would be travelling for the marriage on their own. My eldest son Srikanth would attend office on 7th May and travel separately that night by train and join us at Bhadrachalam on 8th morning and return back to Hyderabad along with us. Srinath, my youngest son who is at Birmingham for the last 8 months pursuing higher studies will not be able to participate in these celebrations. He has already missed quite a few family get-togethers and festivals. As usual this time also he is insisting on large number of photos of the occasion to be emailed to him immediately after the function. This request will keep Srikanth and me busy with the camera. We are all eagerly looking forward for the ceremonies!

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