Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mysterious occurrence!

Once in a while I experience some uncanny event which stuns me and leaves me wondering. One such occurrence, with a possibility of 2:9999, became true in my case.
When I bought a new Car few years ago, the Vehicle dealer/Show-room took up the responsibility of vehicle registration. They collected the required payment and application papers from me and pursued the matter with the Regional Transport Officer. On one day; I was asked to visit the RTO for some time, for verification of the vehicle. Subsequently they collected the registration papers from the RTO, readied the two Number plates required and asked me to get the car for fitment of Number plates. On seeing the Number plates I was surprised. The new Car registration number is AP10 AH 0221, while my old Car number is ADL 2210. I neither demanded nor wished for a 2210 or its closest match 0221 for my new Car. Both numbers appear similar and according to Numerology add up to 5. I do not know Numerology but mysteriously it seems to know what is good for me and has tried to ensure that! 

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