Friday, May 15, 2009

Jaundice turned me into a glutton!

After completing my IV Year, II Semester Engineering exams I came home during summer holidays and fell sick. I was given treatment for viral fever and subsequently for Malaria. The fever came down but I was unable to eat due to loss of appetite and a feeling of nausea. After ten days my brother noticed that my eyes had a yellowish colour. Suspecting it to be Jaundice, my father consulted Dr. Manikyachary, a relative of ours. He examined me and confirmed that it is Jaundice. From then on I was totally under his care. I was put under fat-free diet, just rice mixed with lean butter milk for lunch and dinner and Idli for breakfast. As days passed a few items like boiled potato were added to the diet. It took almost a month for the Bilirubin levels to become normal.

During this time relatives called up to see me. Most of them were from out of station and visiting us after a long gap. They had to be entertained with sumptuous food. And all these foods I was missing. Though my mother was comforting me that I can have all this and more once I am normal, I was feeling bad. My loss of appetite had turned within weeks into craving for tasty food. I was just waiting for my Bilirubin levels to become normal. The day I was told that the Bilirubin level is normal I insisted on having spicy chicken fry. My mother wanted me to avoid oily food for few more weeks from fear that Jaundice would relapse. I cried and won the argument for the day and got the chicken fry ordered from a speciality hotel. I continued to argue, demand and have a variety of food for another fifteen days until I left for college for joining my final year of studies. 

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