Monday, April 23, 2018

Loved Our Malpe Beach Vacation.

Holidays are awesome! A beach holiday in particular is all the more special for me and my wife. We have been to a number of beaches and all very popular ones and enjoyed each of our beach vacations. A few days ago from 4th April to 6th April we were at Malpe beach near Udupi, a lovely beach indeed, one of the top beaches in our country.  This is a beach I have been to many times with my brother and friends while I was studying Engineering at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, which is very close by. For my wife it is her first visit and she has overwhelmingly enjoyed it.
We were at the Paradise Isle Beach Resort, which is just across the beach, offering us from our room an expansive view of the beach and the Arabian Sea. We spent a lot of time in the mornings and evenings at the beach and in the Sea!  One morning we visited the nearby beautiful St. Mary’s Island and enjoyed the visit and the boat ride.
We visited the Malpe Fishing harbor, the Fish market and the Sea walk. We enjoyed lots of fish delicacies, for every meal, except breakfasts.
We enjoyed the vacation more than we expected. Without going into any further details, I will let my photographs and videos convey to you of the beautiful Malpe beach, the Sea and our vacation:

At The Beautiful Malpe Beach
In the Sea! At Malpe

Malpe Beach Vacation – A Photo Video
Beautiful view of Malpe Beach and the Arabian Sea from our Hotel Room
At Malpe Fishing Harbour and Sea Walk

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