Friday, December 15, 2017

Welcome Party, Birthday Party and Happy First Ever Meeting of Cousins!

Two days back that is 13th of December was my grandson’s Second Birthday. The Party on that day was not only to celebrate his Birthday but also the home coming of his two cousins from abroad. The cousins arrived in time for the Birthday Party and of course to their Welcome Party!
Of the four cousins, the eldest Ch. Sudhiksha, and the third cousin that is my grandson Ch. Atharv are growing up together in our joint family as sister and brother. The second cousin Ch. Vihaan who is four years old and the youngest of these cousins Ch. NIkith who is just four months old are residing in America, they are brothers.  Vihaan was with us for few days on two occasions earlier but that was before the birth of Atharv. So Sudhiksha has met Vihaan earlier but Nikith for the first time. And cousins Vihaan and Atharv have met now, for the first time in two years! This appears strange and surprising because their parents have all grownup together since their birth in the same household as brothers.
The new arrival into the family Nikith is new to all of us here; we have seen him for the first time on 13th December. All of us are extremely happy with this family reunion and seeing all the four cousins together for the first time and getting along very well.
May all the cousins remain very close like friends, brothers and sister as their parents are, though in their case distance may keep them away for short durations.
May GOD bless them. 

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