Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A grand wedding season of five days from tomorrow! – May all the newlyweds live together happily forever!

Arundhati and Vashishta Stars as seen from our house ‘Srilekha’ today – 22nd November 2017 at 19:46:09 IST.
Starting from tomorrow, next five days are very auspicious for weddings. After these five days there are no more Muhurthams (auspicious days) for weddings until February 2018. So the two Telugu States and specially our Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad are going to witness hundreds of weddings in the next five days.
We have received five wedding invitations. While I am my wife; with my son, daughter-in-law and grandson would be attending three weddings and wedding related events and receptions, my son with his family would be attending additionally two other weddings. The next five days will be hectic not only for us but for countless people in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.  These are very happy times for all but with so many wedding ceremonies the city traffic is unfortunately bound to cause some problems.
With so many weddings and happiness around us it feels very good. I wish all the families celebrating weddings all the best and for the newlyweds: may heaven’s choicest blessings be showered on them.
Talking of heavens, there is a tradition in most Telugu families of the newlyweds looking heavenwards and sighting Arundhati Nakshatram (Star) and seeking blessings. This event takes place soon after the wedding. With guidance from the Purohit, the groom is asked to point towards Arundhati Star and show it to the bride, and the bride prays to the Star.  The significance of this is explained to some and for the others it is just a ritual but I have seen all couples enjoying this event then and later in life when they see photographs of this…they are reminded of those happy moments.
Arundhati and Vashishta is a two star constellation. These stars are named after Arundhati and Sage Vashishta (who was the guru of Lord Rama). They were an ideal couple and symbolize marriage. Usually a two star constellation is such that one star is in the middle and the other revolves around the center star. However there is something special about Arundhati-Vashishta constellation, they revolve around each other. This signifies how a married couple must be close to one another at all times, lead a happy life and perform their duties and achieve their goals together. Arundhati was a great woman, an ideal wife and a role model for all women and hence she has earned a place by the side of sage Vashishta in the Saptarishi formation in space that is in Big Dipper formation that you can see in the attached pictures. Her blessings are considered to be very valuable. And this tradition is being followed since very ancient times, since the days of Arundhati and Vashishta!
For those interested in astronomy the scientific names for Arundhati and Vashishta Stars are Alcor and Mizar. These are situated in the Big Dipper formation of stars of the Ursa Major constellation.
The topmost picture is of Arundhati and Vashishta Stars as viewed from our house few minutes ago from Secunderabad, to be precise at 19:46:09 IST, 22nd November 2017.

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