Monday, April 24, 2017

Pillalamarri, the 800 year old banyan tree spread over 3 acres!

Pillalamarri is an 800 year old Banyan tree located four kilometers from Mahbubnagar Town-center.  It is a huge tree spread over 3 acres of land. I think more than a thousand people can easily rest under its shade. We have been there very recently while attending a function at Mahbubnagar and are astonished seeing the growth and size of this wonderful tree and are extremely happy with our visit. Pillalamarri is exactly 108 kilometers from our house in Secunderabad. The attached photographs are from our visit to Pillalamarri and the adjacent 16th century Temple of Lord Shiva. 
Banyan tree likes to have lots of space in which to spread out. As the tree grows and matures, new roots grow from all its branches, pushing them into the ground and forming new trunks. Thus, a single tree may have several trunks. And here in Mahbubnagar this tree has grown all over spreading its roots over an area of 3 acres. Banyan trees are known as "many footed ones" and "trees that walk", because unlike other trees that have to stay rooted in one place all their lives, the Banyan tree actually moves around slowly with every new trunk it puts out.
Marri chettu means Banyan tree and Pillalu means children. This huge Banyan tree here is called Pillalamarri, because the main tree has grown spreading its prop roots from the branches into the soil all around and these roots have turned into large tree trunks spread all around like its children.
Banyan tree is our National tree. It can be found everywhere in the country. But it is very rare that a tree grows into such a large size. I have seen the Great Banyan tree at Kolkata Botanical Garden.  Pillalamarri is similar to it, a little smaller but with much larger size root trunks.
Banyan tree is respected and is considered as sacred by all Hindus. It symbolizes Trimurti with Vishnu as the bark, Shiva as the branches and Brahma as the roots. We consider Banyan tree as 'Kalpa Vriksha' the tree that fulfills all our wishes. The mighty Banyan Tree is considered as immortal and has always been the focal point for the village communities in India. It is probably the biggest and friendliest of all trees. Pillalamarri proves this fact. It is the most popular tourist spot in Mahbubnagar District.
You can also see pictures of a Temple attached to this article. They are of Lord Shiva Temple located adjacent to Pillalamarri. The Temple is called Pillalamarri Shiva Temple and also as Sri Rajarajeshwari Sametha Ramalingeshwaraswamy Devasthanam. This is a 16th century Temple built in the Vijayanagara style of architecture, originally located on the left bank of River Krishna at Erladine of Mahbubnagar District. To prevent its submergence in Srisailam Dam Reservoir, the Temple has been relocated and constructed at Pillalamarri.

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