Sunday, November 15, 2015

My father’s 100th Birth Anniversary.

Today, 14th November 2015 is my father, Sri. N. Bhaskarachary’s Birthday. It would have been my father’s 100th Birthday, were he still alive.
It is 36 years since his demise, yet he is still alive in my heart and mind. I think of him and miss him a lot, especially when something special happens or has happened in the past. And he is similarly, very fondly and respectfully remembered by all members of our family and relatives and friends who have known him and to whom he was always very helpful. He is still remembered by thousands of people with whom he was associated professionally and humanitarianly in massive manpower based establishments, the Nizam’s State Railway, Central Railway of Indian Railways and The Singareni Collieries, which he served as Chief of Personnel Department for 40 years. He was like God to many.
Today all our family members available in Hyderabad have met at our house “Srilekha”, to observe his birthday and pay respects to him. The attached colour photographs are of today’s commemoration function and the black and white photographs towards the end of this article are some of his photographs, to reminisce his life and times.  
November is the month of maximum birthdays in our family, totaling to ten, including my father’s birthday. And we have been celebrating my father’s birthday just as all of ours. It has become a tradition to present very useful books on my father’s birthday to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, which you can see in the attached pictures. My father was able to see and hold only three grandchildren and expired when his eldest grandchild was just 4 years old. Today he would have been a very happy person to see his growing family, with seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren celebrating his birthday and happily reading books, of which he was so fond all through his life.
May God's, my mother's and my father’s blessings be with us forever. 

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