Tuesday, February 6, 2018

An ode to our most cherished heirloom!

Our most beloved heirloom,
Is this dinner table!
It is sixty years old,
And strong as ever!
It is with our family,
Since four generations!
We had infinite meals on it,
And countless celebrations,
And continue to do so.
The myriad memories,
This dinner table,
Brings forth,
In our thoughts,
And through several pictures,
Of us enjoying food,
At the table,
And having a jolly good time,
Are heartwarming!
My blog too has several pictures,
Of this grand old table,
Showcasing good times,
And good food,
My blog followers would know this,
For sure.
And for sure,
Let me tell you,
It will outlive me,
And modernity,
Will not discard it,
Because my family loves this dinner table.

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