Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thank you for all the people who remembered me today, my birthday.

Today, 16th November is my birthday. The day passed off happily for me with birthday wishes coming from family, friends and other people known to me and a birthday party in the evening followed by a sumptuous family dinner. The attached pictures would say it all.
A part of the dinner menu was prepared at home and some ordered from Nanking Restaurant, Secunderabad city’s popular Chinese Restaurant. In the afternoon I spent sometime in the kitchen to bake my Birthday Cake. I made a Date and Walnut Cake and as its tempting smell filled the house the family was appreciative and anxiously waited for tasting it in the evening. It was really delicious and everyone liked it.
I love making cakes and feel very happy when people appreciate my creations. There's nothing quite like sharing generous slices of mouthwatering homemade cake with family and friends. In making a cake you are taking advantage of some magical scientific transformations to create something sugary, delicate and delicious that everyone will love – and love you for.
I wish to thank GOD, for a very happy birthday and his blessings, and thank my family and friends who have wished me all the best for today and the future.  


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