Sunday, April 2, 2017

Recalling our betrothal ceremony.

Today 2nd April reminds us, me and my wife Lalitha of our betrothal / engagement ceremony. It was on this day, 38 years ago that we got engaged. In our local parlance the ceremony is called ‘Poolu Pandlu’ or ‘Nischitartham’. Even after so many years recalling the events of that day and remembering all the near and dear who graced the ceremonies has a happy and magical affect on us.
It was an auspicious day as per our horoscopes. And it was virtually a day long ceremony. As per the then traditions we did not get to see one another on that day. In the morning my parents along with family members and close relatives numbering around fifty went to Lalitha’s house along with gifts for her and her family, leaving me alone at our house. The ceremony there started with Ganapati puja invoking the God to bless the occasion, the union and the future. My mother gifted the bride; flowers, new clothes, five varieties of sweets, five varieties of fruits and gold earrings. And then my parents gifted new clothes to her parents and her siblings. This was followed by festive lunch at their house.
And in the evening my in-laws with family and their relatives visited us at our house. Lalitha as I mentioned above did not come. Ganapti puja was performed by me. This was followed by similar gifts to me of flowers, clothes, fruits, sweets and a gold ring. And then clothes were gifted to my parents and my siblings. This was followed by the ceremony called ‘Lagnapatrika’, meaning finalization of date for our wedding and writing down the traditional wedding invitation through a ritual – two copies. The invitation was read out by the purohit to all guests and the invitations were exchanged between our parents. This was followed by dinner at our house.
Our engagement day, full of happiness and many memories is always fresh in our mind. And the attached photographs help us further to recount the events of that day. Photographs taken at my house are hiding from me at the moment :-)

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