Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Happy Sri Rama Navami.

Today is the festival of Sri Rama Navami. It is a festival to celebrate the birthday of Lord Sri Rama and also of his marriage anniversary. On this auspicious occasion I wish all readers of my blog ‘A very happy Sri Rama Navami’.
Every Indian knows Lord Sri Rama very well and needs no further introduction but for those readers of my blog who have not heard of him I have the following to say in short - Sri Rama is the seventh Avatar and a very prominent one of the Supreme GOD Lord Maha Vishnu. Sri Rama is an all-time favourite God of Hindus. He is the most popular symbol of chivalry and virtue. He is the embodiment of truth, of morality; he is an ideal son, ideal husband and above all an ideal king. To know about Sri Rama and Sri Rama Navami in detail and to view images of Lord Sri Rama and his consort Sri Sita Devi and a number of our photographs at their temples you may click on the following links to my articles: 

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