Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Centenary Celebrations of Osmania University Begin from Today!

Osmania University (OU), one of the oldest educational institutions in the country, is all set to host its three-day grand Centenary celebrations beginning today (26th to 28th April 2017). Afterwards, celebrations would continue on a lower note for the entire Centenary year.
Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, the President is coming to Hyderabad today, he will be the Chief Guest at today’s Inaugural Centenary Celebrations Ceremony. Many dignitaries, the State Governor, the State Chief Minister, members from the founder’s family, several other dignitaries, many old students and present students would grace the occasion.
Mr. Wilfred Sewen Blunt, educationist from Great Britain originally proposed a university in the erstwhile Nizam’s dominion, which took a sudden turn in 1916 when the then Home Secretary Akbar Hydari Ali, made a forceful petition to His Exalted Highness Mir Osman Ali Khan, Nizam VII of Hyderabad State to set up a University. And based on his plea - a Firman (Government Order or Royal Charter) was issued on 26th April, 1917 for the establishment of Osmania University by His Excellency Mir Osman Ali Khan. And the University was named after His Excellency. Since then countless students have studied here in various specialized subjects and have become worthy and great citizens.
I have graduated from University of Mysore but my two sons have graduated from Osmania University. On this happy occasion I convey my greetings and best wishes to old and present faculty, the non-teaching staff, past and present students and to all others associated with Osmania University.
I wish the Centenary celebrations all success and want the University to serve society in the same manner forever. 

A message from the Vice-Chancellor - Osmania Centenary Celebrations:
 History of Osmania University in Telugu:

Monday, April 24, 2017

Pillalamarri, the 800 year old banyan tree spread over 3 acres!

Pillalamarri is an 800 year old Banyan tree located four kilometers from Mahbubnagar Town-center.  It is a huge tree spread over 3 acres of land. I think more than a thousand people can easily rest under its shade. We have been there very recently while attending a function at Mahbubnagar and are astonished seeing the growth and size of this wonderful tree and are extremely happy with our visit. Pillalamarri is exactly 108 kilometers from our house in Secunderabad. The attached photographs are from our visit to Pillalamarri and the adjacent 16th century Temple of Lord Shiva. 
Banyan tree likes to have lots of space in which to spread out. As the tree grows and matures, new roots grow from all its branches, pushing them into the ground and forming new trunks. Thus, a single tree may have several trunks. And here in Mahbubnagar this tree has grown all over spreading its roots over an area of 3 acres. Banyan trees are known as "many footed ones" and "trees that walk", because unlike other trees that have to stay rooted in one place all their lives, the Banyan tree actually moves around slowly with every new trunk it puts out.
Marri chettu means Banyan tree and Pillalu means children. This huge Banyan tree here is called Pillalamarri, because the main tree has grown spreading its prop roots from the branches into the soil all around and these roots have turned into large tree trunks spread all around like its children.
Banyan tree is our National tree. It can be found everywhere in the country. But it is very rare that a tree grows into such a large size. I have seen the Great Banyan tree at Kolkata Botanical Garden.  Pillalamarri is similar to it, a little smaller but with much larger size root trunks.
Banyan tree is respected and is considered as sacred by all Hindus. It symbolizes Trimurti with Vishnu as the bark, Shiva as the branches and Brahma as the roots. We consider Banyan tree as 'Kalpa Vriksha' the tree that fulfills all our wishes. The mighty Banyan Tree is considered as immortal and has always been the focal point for the village communities in India. It is probably the biggest and friendliest of all trees. Pillalamarri proves this fact. It is the most popular tourist spot in Mahbubnagar District.
You can also see pictures of a Temple attached to this article. They are of Lord Shiva Temple located adjacent to Pillalamarri. The Temple is called Pillalamarri Shiva Temple and also as Sri Rajarajeshwari Sametha Ramalingeshwaraswamy Devasthanam. This is a 16th century Temple built in the Vijayanagara style of architecture, originally located on the left bank of River Krishna at Erladine of Mahbubnagar District. To prevent its submergence in Srisailam Dam Reservoir, the Temple has been relocated and constructed at Pillalamarri.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A quiz on the Easter Egg Hunt at Srilekha.

In this Easter egg hunt,
Six children took part,
Two girls,
And Anisha,
And four boys,
And Atharv.
The total eggs found by them are eighteen!
As you can see in the attached pictures.
Each girl found same number of eggs,
Among boys too each found an equal number,
So among girls there was no winner,
Nor among boys there was a winner,
But as the total number of eggs picked by girls,
Exceeded the total number picked by boys,
We declared the girls as winners!
And the boys are disappointed.
To amuse the boys,
The girls have decided,
To cook eggs for them,
Three eggs each for the girls and boys,
In whichever way they may wish.
Now coming to the quiz,
How many eggs have the girls found?
To win the Easter Egg Hunt!
And how many have the boys found?

NOTE: This quiz is for children and they must solve it within 3 minutes after reading or listening to the quiz. Elders too can participate in this quiz but they must solve it within 1 minute J 
The spirit of Easter,
Is all about Hope,
Love and Joyful living!

It is good to start
The day with prayers,
And a hearty breakfast!
With all family members.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

After more than 71 years together, husband and wife die minutes apart.

What we have always seen in the movies just happened in real life. In several films, we have watched the heart-breaking scenes; death scenes of deeply in love couples, especially elder couples, where one partner passes away soon after the death of the other.
UK based couple, Mrs. and Mr. Russell just made us witness a heart-breaking yet heart-warming moment all together. Married since years, Vera Russell and husband Wilf Russell were being intensively taken care of 3 miles away from each other at different institutions. Just like a climax of a novel or a scripted movie  Mr. Russell left for heavenly abode at 6:50 am on 29th March 2017 and after 4 minutes at 6:54 am, his wife Vera Russell died (even before she could be informed of her husband’s death). He was 93 years old and she 91 years.
They had been married for 71 years, six months and 25 days — the couple had met when they were 16 and 18 years old, respectively and got engaged before Mr. Russell went to fight with the Royal Air Force during World War II, and after his return they were married on 5th September 1945. In all these years the couple got separated for just few months, in their old age, before their death. At the time of their death, Wilf Russell was at Magna Care Home in Wigston, Leicestershire, suffering from dementia, which resulted in him no longer recognizing his wife. And wife Vera was at the nearby Leicester Royal Infirmary having become ill since her husband stopped remembering her.
By profession he was an Engineer and she a Cake shop worker. They leave behind three sons, five grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.
They were buried side by side after a joint funeral. All this is incredible, really very mysterious.
I am sure they will be spreading more love in Heaven.
May Their Souls Rest In Peace.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Air India beware of drunkards and politicians.

Pity you Air India. There is nothing you or common people can do in our country when their dignity is assaulted, they are cruelly mocked and vandalized by the so called law-makers and when such evil is tolerated by law enforcement authorities. I wonder why people elect such savages and criminals to power. GOD save us and our country from such villains, until then beware of such politicians.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A caption for this photograph, please.

Looking at this snap,
I think it deserves a clap,
It appears like a fashion shoot,
But it is not; because I clicked it,
It is just a happy family picture,
With all clad in similar colour!
With their affection and smiles,
Partly concealed; but to me very obvious.
If you too find this picture interesting,
I would be happy if you start thinking,
And come out with a caption captivating,
Of this picture and these affectionate siblings!

Another test for this Moron…

Another test for this Moron, The only hope of the Society of Morons, A tool of some villains, Distorting facts, And attribut...