Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Rest in Peace Bravehearts of Uri.

In one of the worst casualties suffered by our Army in recent times, lives of 18 of our soldiers serving our nation with great dedication and bravery were lost in a cowardly attack by terrorists, on 18th September 2016. This was at a Military base in Uri or Baramulla District. Another 30 soldiers were injured.
The attack has left us shocked and grieving. Intrusion of terrorists from our neighboring country, the epicenter of terrorists, a country ruled by psychopaths, has become common. Our soldiers are preventing attacks by them and eliminating them but once in a while they manage to sneak in and cause damage. I wish our country will be successful in correcting and containing this barbaric neighbor. May the decent countries of the world join us in our effort.    
The names of the soldiers who laid down their lives in defense of our country are engraved in the above poster. May the souls of these martyrs rest In peace. 
May their grieving families be mercifully supported by God and our Government agencies. Let help and honors in every possible way be provided to these families to minimize their grief.
Let us forever remember the unselfish sacrifice of these heroes and pray for their families. Let us also pray for the success and safety of all our security forces.
The 4 terrorists responsible for this ghastly tragedy were immediately eliminated by our Army.
May the breeding of such terrorists – the filthy monsters, end soon.

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  1. please give me this in high resolution file for banner printing for our soldiers


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