Saturday, September 17, 2016

After Rain, Monster Jam In Hyderabad Leaves Commuters On Road For Hours.

Heavy rain during peak hours yesterday caused one of the worst-ever massive traffic problems in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.   Heavy rain always causes problems to commuters in twin cities but last evening’s problems were shocking, not only every main road but all secondary roads and lanes witnessed traffic snarls. I was at home and worried as our children were trapped in this jam. I was monitoring the traffic situation on TV, it was pathetic, due to water logging, bad and narrow roads, irresponsible driving by some and vehicle breakdowns. It took our son three and half hours to reach home from his office, a distance of 18 kms. And it was much worse for our daughter-in-law, it took her four and half hours. Only comfort was that they traveled together in this unusual journey. Our daughter-in-law started from her office at 5:30 pm and took one hour to travel a distance of 6 kms. to reach my son’s office and together they reached home at 10:00 pm. Lucky for them their Car had enough fuel.
All concerned Government agencies, the Traffic Police and GHMC-Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation  staff did their best to ease the situation but in spite of all efforts by them traffic problems continued well beyond 10:00 pm.  This fire fighting approach by them has prevented a much worse experience for commuters but won a bad name for them and the City once again.
Rain is not to be blamed for this situation. Rain is essential and we all love it. Lessons have to be learnt from yesterday’s situation and the infrastructure should be developed to overcome such problems in future. And most importantly the villains, almost all the Auto Rickshaw drivers, State Bus drivers and the senseless Car and Two-wheel drivers responsible for crisscrossing and interrupting smooth flow of traffic should be very severely punished.        

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